Camp Pride Korea

A Korean Culture Camp

Virtual Sessions

July 27-31 at 5:30pm

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Boy looking at camera with a smile and and eating.    Two young girls in Korean hanbok traditional dresses.

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Due to the current health risks our 2020 camp we will go virtual with daily 30-minute sessions at 5:30pm.  Each session will include a special topic with an expert demonstration and opportunity for kids to swap stories and catchup with old friends while meeting new.

Our 2020 camp is free but please register in advance.

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Virtual Sessions Schedule

Monday – The Year of the Rat Craft

Tuesday – Storytelling

Wednesday – Drumming

Thursday – Korean Cooking

Friday – Tae Kwon Do



Traditionally, Camp Pride Korea a week-long day camp for Korean adoptees and their siblings Preschool through 12th Grade, to connect and bond with other adoptees; developing a connection, stronger awareness and appreciation for their heritage.

What does Camp Pride Korea typcially look like?

  • Traditionally a weeklong day camp with programs for children from preschool through 12th grade.
  • A camp for Korean adoptees and their siblings.
  • A camp managed and operated by parent volunteers.
  • A camp with opportunities for cultural and personal connections for families.

What do the participants do at Camp?

Participate in age-appropriate activities around Korean culture and opportunities for building friendships.  Activities include:

  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Korean Drums
  • Calligraphy
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Korean Cooking
  • Korean Stories, Legends and Folktales
  • Korean Language
  • Outdoor Time

How do the high school campers spend their time at Camp?

In the interest of keeping our high school program fresh and relevant, the experiences vary from year to year.  Decisions are based on number of campers, availability of venues, past experiences, and family needs. Typcially their days include:

  • A lock-in on Thursday evening from 2:00 p.m. until Friday at noon.
  • Contemporary and Traditional Korean culture experiences.
  • Share their camp experience through a creative group project.
  • Opportunities to connect with peers and adult adoptees.

The campers are transported by a professional bus company and adult volunteers accompany the high school campers on all field trips.  Additional fees for high school campers cover transportation and off-site activities.

What is my role as a parent?

  • Volunteer!  Volunteer!  Volunteer!
  • Support your campers by encouraging their participation in all activities.
  • Spread the word about Camp Pride with other adoptive families.

Why is volunteering important?

  • Camp Pride depends entirely on parent volunteers and volunteers from the Korean-American community.  
  • Volunteering provides opportunities to learn about Korea, share with other parents, meet Korean staff, and more.
  • Volunteers have the opportunity to receive a stipend to offset the cost of camp and a t-shirt for volunteering five days.

What are the fees for Camp and how do I register?

  • Traditionally, $180.00 per camper for CAFFA members, an additional $10.00 for non CAFFA members.
  • Volunteer positions are on a first come basis.



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May you place your feet in the old world and the new.
Draw strength and wisdom from both
and know a great wonder.